Do Cheap Inmate Phone Calls Really Work?

Most inmates have family including a wife or girlfriend and children that they like to keep in contact with when they are incarcerated. Writing letters, physical visits, and inmate phone calls are just a few of the privileges that inmates are allowed to have where they can correspond with their loved ones. Making these jail phone calls is often the most convenient way for inmates and their loved ones to stay in touch. These phone calls, however, can become expensive very quickly.

Each correctional facility has their own rules and regulations, but most will allow inmates to make calls by calling collect to their loved ones or by pre-paying for calls ahead of time with a pre-paid calling card. The inmate phone calls are charged a per-minute rate by a third party company who handles the calls for the jail. There are several of these third party companies, but a few of them are Global Tel Link, Securus, or Evercom. If the inmate is a long distance away from the loved ones that they are calling, these per-minute rates can be very high and can end up costing up to $20 per call at times. You can see how this can end up putting extra pressure on the inmates and their families when all they are trying to do is just speak on the phone.

Fortunately, there are companies who can offer cheap jail calls for the inmates and their families. These companies can make the charges for the calls much cheaper; sometimes reducing the charges down to 6 cents per minute. The loved ones of the inmates would purchase this service ahead of time and have it set up so the inmate can start using this service. If you have a loved one who is incarcerated, these jail phone services are the way to go if you want to save money on inmate phone calls. To sign up, you would just go on their website and enter your and the inmate’s information. They give you all the instructions on how it works and how to use the phone services for inmates.

To find a reliable jail call services provider, searching online can help connect you with a reputable company to help you save money with calls from prison. Most of these companies offer different plans and pricing depending on your usage. Some even provide unlimited jail calls. These services can be a real help to the inmate and their loved ones. Staying connected is the most important thing when a loved one is in jail. There is no need to be extra stressed over the high cost of inmate phone calls anymore!